VENTUREOUT is the largest US expansion platform for international tech companies, which would not be possible without more than 20 foreign government clients and more than 100 international partners. Partnering with foreign governments allows us to build bridges to ecosystems around the world, growing their tech communities by providing access to the largest marketplace and investment community in the world.
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VENTUREOUT International Programs

Governments: Your Opportunity

Ecosystem Bridge Building

By building bridges between tech ecosystems and NYC, governments accelerate the growth of their ecosystems at home. When companies successfully expand to the US, the funds they raise and revenue they generate contributes to the growth of their home ecosystem.

Explore New York

If you want to explore a city and its tech ecosystem, you need a guide who can indicate who you should meet, which places you should visit and why.

Meet Up With Talent

Discover talented professionals who can help companies from your country grow abroad and acquire international clients.

Grow Business Abroad

Help the companies from your home country grow abroad by helping them discover new ecosystems, and grow their business in new markets.

Get Ready to Go

Get your companies ready for international expansion before they even get out of your borders with in-region trainings and conferences

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