No travel? No problem! For the duration of the COVID-19 related travel ban, we have moved our programming to virtual. From March 23rd through 27th of 2020, the VentureOut team worked with Medstartr to power our 2020 one-week Healthtech program, our first ever Virtual Program.

Ten startups from around the world had the chance to come together virtually, learning how to launch and raise capital in the US, all while getting connected with some of the top tech influencers and investors in NYC along the way!


The Startups:



Our Partner:


Now more than ever, millions of patients around the world are standing up and taking an active role in their health, including supporting the care innovations that matter most to them. MedStartr enables patients, doctors, institutions, partners, and investors to find and fund the best ideas in healthcare and bring them to life.

VentureOut is proud to have had the opportunity to organize multiple Healthtech programs in partnership with MedStartr since 2017.


A One-week Virtual Private Conference:

Our one-week virtual private conference was an opportunity for the most promising healthcare companies selected to become immersed in the health community of New York, meeting virtually with leading startups, corporations, and venture investors.

VentureOut’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the education, resources, and connections needed to successfully raise capital and grow their business leveraging on all the opportunities NYC has to offer, and our one-week programs are designed to do just that.


Workshops & Mentoring

Education and Mentoring are the backbones of any VentureOut program. By partnering with thought leaders in key areas, we give our startups an unfair advantage by arming them with best practices used to scale the most successful companies in Silicon Valley.

Investor & Company INSIGHTS

We gave our startups an opportunity to chat one on one with some of the top investors and entrepreneurs in the healthtech space in NYC.

U.S. Expansion Strategy

Scaling a startup means dealing with accounting, legal and sometimes even immigration challenges. Our startups got to hear from our partner lawyers, who run some of the most active venture tech practices in NYC.


The Virtual Demo Day

Our first virtual Healthtech demo day event featured a panel of seasoned venture investors focused on innovations in the sector.


As each founder pitched to investors, the entire NYC Healthtech community was invited join, giving startups an incredible opportunity to network with over 100 industry experts.

See below for a snapshot of our event and our speakers!



A nice testimonial from Joanna Stahl, founder of Go2Practice

“Wanted to say a quick thank you for the “Venture Out” week for not only the participation and inclusion in the group but the sense of focus it provided in a really uncertain time. Stealth startup life always has a level of risk and I was concerned about being part of a “healthcare/medically focused group” and then thrown on top of a global pandemic…. However, it was really great to be a part of the “health is wealth” economy and watching some of the true health care initiatives in action gave a unique perspective to the world at just the right time.

The shift to virtual I’m sure what a enormous feat so kudos to you! It was great to wake up to you and your vision each day and really set up the quarantine lifestyle in a positive way.”



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They make our program possible and are an incredible resource to all our startups, we couldn’t be more thankful.