It only took 60 months to launch the VentureOut blog. Wanna know why?

I have always wanted to be someone that journals. Half a bookshelf at home is evidence of this intention: a stack of mostly empty notebooks, often the result of a previous year’s resolution. Some of them are beautiful and leather bound, others the “write one sentence a day” type, but all are filled with the same thing: updates full of excitement at the outset, followed by a decline in frequency, and eventually another New Year’s resolution crushed under the weight of endless empty pages. Bleak, I know.

I am not alone in this. My journaling “defeat” is something I have seen paralleled time and time again online, as busy people, and their companies, excitedly launch, but then fail to maintain, a blog. I refused to let this sad story become reality for VentureOut, so a promise was made: we wouldn’t launch a VentureOut blog until we could guarantee that we’d post interesting and relevant content a minimum of once per week.

Today, May 22nd, 2018, I am excited to write the inaugural post for the new VentureOut Blog, only 60 months after the launch of our business ūüôā

If you have kept up with our newsletter (if not, sign up here) you know that we make a lot of hay with a minuscule team. In just one month, hosting two to three of our one-week programs while also supporting 3-5 companies through our 3-month accelerator. In just one month we host ~25 amazing startups, most of them hopping on planes from abroad, flying to NYC and joining us in pursuit of their American dream: launching their startup and raising capital in the U.S.

To help make those dreams a reality, we host a TON of “acceleration activities”. In just one month at VentureOut, we organize…

  • 20 investor introductions
  • 12 meetings with leaders at high growth tech startups or leading corporates
  • 2-3 investor pitch nights with ~80 attendees
  • 1-2 private investor receptions
  • 30 one-to-one mentoring sessions
  • 10 strategy workshops with some of the best coaches in tech

And then we do it all again the following month, and the one after that, all year-round! In short, we have no lack of unbelievably interesting content to share with the world, so it is about time we started sharing.

So, what should you expect? The VentureOut blog will be a combined effort, including posts from myself, our talented team, and guest posts from the many investors, entrepreneurs and influencers from around the world that make up the extended VentureOut Family. Topics will include trends from the global tech and venture ecosystem, updates from VentureOut’s successful alumni, best practices and resources for scaling and raising capital in the U.S., interviews with influencers in the global venture community, awesome new tools and platforms, proprietary research and data from the VentureOut research team (coming soon), highlights from VentureOut events and a whole lot more.

In conclusion, it has been an honor and a privilege over these past five years to be able to work with people that teach and inspire me every day, from the insightful and influential venture capitalists in New York City to the run through a brick wall kind of motivated entrepreneurs I meet from all around the world. To everyone and anyone in the VentureOut Family, thank you for the opportunity to do the work that I love, work that by some stroke of luck, also has an impact. My hope is that this blog is just another small way for us to pay it forward.

~Brian Frumberg, humble CEO & Founder of VentureOut