Our first ever Skolkovo Accelerator is an intense 3-months soft landing program designed to help the most innovative Russian companies in their conquest of the US market. Applications are open!

VentureOut Execute Multi-Month Accelerator


Our 3-month Skolkovo Accelerator NYC programs are tailored around each participating company. The focus is to help each company build and execute their US expansion strategy by supporting them to establish their US footprint, grow US sales and raise capital from US investors.


We are one of the most active accelerators in the world, organizing ~20 one-week accelerators each year for over 200 companies and featuring over 500 speakers annually. Companies joining the Skolkovo Accelerator NYC program get access to the entire calendar of our events and activities that happen during their 3-month program, including meetings with mentors, investors, corporate execs and thought leaders.


Skolkovo Accelerator NYC is a custom acceleration program, focused primarily on one-to-one consultation between each company and their mentors, their strategy coaches and the VentureOut team. Each company works one-to-one with mentors and coaches each month to both develop and execute strategies for Enterprise Sales and Channel Partnerships, Digital Marketing, Branding, Pitching and Fundraising and more.


We identify a Lead Mentor for each company that has experience building products and selling in their market of focus. This allows the lead mentor to bring both knowledge and connections to the relationship. Beyond the lead mentor, we will work with each company to identify a roster of mentors that they will meet weekly throughout the program, including entrepreneur, corporate exec and investors.


We will work one-to-one with each company to develop a scalable lead generation process, to accelerate their path towards new US clients and US revenue. This process includes setting and executing the strategy, writing the messages and materials, setting up the sale stack of tools, and much more. Similarly, we work with each company to develop a list of investor prospects and work with them in execute a similar outreach strategy.

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Skolkovo Accelerator with
Skolkovo Foundation

Jun 10 - Sep 06, 2019
New York
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